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Holidaying at home

We are enjoying a glorious, sunny Victoria Day weekend here in Toronto.

Probably the one thing we haven’t done since we arrived is to just ‘chill’ around our home.  After too long doing too many wonderful things, we decided we needed a rest cure.  What I can’t quite get over is really being able to feel as if we are on holiday whilst staying at home!

Yesterday’s long, lazy brunch at Quigleys on Queen Street gave way to an afternoon on the Balmy Beach, which more than lived up to its name!

image0249-medium image0243-medium

A cool breeze comes up off the water as the never-crowded shore plays host to beachcombers, a guitarist on the rocks, canoeists, games of volleyball. . . In the background  there is a gentle but ceaseless flow of promenaders along Boardwalk. Further back again, in the shade of trees now summer-green, cyclists and roller-bladers make speedier progress along the  Martin Goodman trail.

Paul in hammock on our balcony Paul in hammock on our balcony

This morning we breakfasted on our balcony, looking out at the trees and gardens of the street behind our house.  Paul is now ensconced in the hammock. Later we will head for the beach again, taking an evening pic-nic with us. Tonight the skies over Ashbridge’s Bay will explode with multi-coloured stars in Celebration of Canada’s historical and current ties with Britain.

Biking along the shore . . .

Here are a few photos of my fancy new bike on one of our early bike rides! You can see the battery pack in the larger picture.

bike-1-of-4-medium bike-3-of-4-medium bike-2-of-4-medium


It has been slightly disorientating these last few weeks.  The trees say it’s still winter, with no sign of leaf. Yet the brilliant sunshine and  temperatures have been almost like summer, rising well over 70F over the Easter weekend!

Riding the Martin Goodman Trail

Took my new bike out for a spin along the lake shore this evening – fabulous!

I am neither particularly competent nor particularly competent as a cyclist.  Additionally, I have had some issues with my back for a number of years. So we have splashed out on a power assisted Schwinn bike which we managed to catch at the half-price point at Canadian Tire (by explanation for non-Canadians, Canadian Tire are one of a number of stores that publish a weekly flyer featuring significant bargains if you are prepared to watch and wait!).  This is like having a security blanket – I know that if I get tired or feel a bit insecure I can cut the electric motor in, and it’s great for starting off!


Shore reflections

So, for now, it’s goodbye skating, hello cycling!

There are lots of trails to explore within Toronto, as well as numerous Provincial Parks further afield. This means that, for now, I can enjoy the exercise and beautiful surroundings, without having to brave the traffic.  It would be nice, though, to be confident enough at least to ride down to the shore rather than load the bikes on the car, though I will be very glad of the battery to get me back up the hill if I ever reach this stage!