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One step nearer to becoming Canadians

Hooray! Our PR (Permanent Resident) Cards arrived today.

This means we can now leave Canada and get back in without problems or further paperwork. It’s the nearest we will get to having Canadian passports for at least the next three years.

We will be able to apply for citizenship when we have spent a full three years out of four in Canada (this does not include any time we spend out of the country vacationing, on business or visiting the UK). We don’t have to apply for citizenship at this point; you can just have your PR card renewed every five years. But, of course, there are rights that citizenship confers that do not form part of resident status.

Landed Immigrants!

It was so easy! We arrived at Lester B Pearson Airport, Toronto, yesterday morning at around 11.30 a.m. By shortly after midday, we had completed the formal immigration process – quicker and far less aggressive than arriving as visitors at Newark! No long waits (we were the only people in the immigrant office), no difficult questions or requests for information we didn’t have. Just a friendly, smiling young man who made it all very pleasant and easy.

Toronto here we come!

Not long now till we arrive in Canada to go through the formal ‘landing’ process that will confirm our legal standing as permanent residents!  OK, we won’t be staying permanently quite yet – this trip is to look for jobs, get a feel for the property market and, perhaps more importantly, for Toronto itself.

But hopefully we will be back for real very soon.

Hopefully there will be (almost) daily updates on what we find out, where we go and who we meet.