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We find Toronto to be a wonderful place. There is somehow an almost small-town feel, spiced by the ‘buzz’ of a vibrant city and cultural centre. We revel in the genuine multiculturalism, in the rich variety of experiences on offer (many of them free), the distinctive character of the many neighbourhoods, the green canopy and deep ravines into which we can escape and the the shore of the ‘shining waters’. This album is a place to bring together images of ‘our Toronto’.

Note: As of Summer 2015, instead of creating albums on our blog we are speeding up the process for ourselves and simply linking to ‘Google Albums’

Google Albums (from Summer 2015 on)

WCTO, Guillermo delivered Toro, Nuit Blanche and more

Summer weekend in TO – a new office, old friends and art

The heart of winter 2016 – ‘Winter Stations’ and other distractions on an ice-bound beach (Google Album)

Toronto 2015 (Google Album)

Older Albums

Click into a photo to see a larger version – you can then click through all the photos in the album in this format, particularly important when some of the photos are in portrait rather than landscape format and you are therefore not seeing the whole photo in the preview!

  • Georgian Bay
Ice Storm 2013

The beauty of the Toronto ice storm (we were fortunate to escape the brutality that left some areas looking like war zones, though we did lose our power for two days).

Winter Shores

Enjoying our beautiful shore, Winter 2013. This is the first year in which we have had a significant snowfall in Toronto!

Around Our City . . .

Our experience of Toronto

CN Tower - Icon for a City

The day we landed in Toronto to start our new lives, my first sight of the CN Tower was accompanied by a sense of \'arrival\'. Whenever we leave and return, I still feel this. And wherever I am in the city, it serves as my sextant, that which enables me to know where I am.

The Danforth

Photos that we took specifically as our contribution to a photo mosaic that formed part of the first Art of the Danforth, 2010.

Uptown - Yorkville

The expensive end of town, a lovely place to wander and window shop!

Toronto Islands

Day trip to the islands, 'Toronto's Central Park', amid the Tall Ships Festival, July 2010; Easter 2011; a vist from English friend Pom in June 2013; and Paul`s Birthday 2013

Scarborough Bluffs

Another lovely area on Lake Ontario\'s shore, about quarter of an hour or so\'s drive further east from the Beach.


Toronto 2009 (as visitors and newbies)

Pictures snatched from our very busy time in Toronto and dominated by the presence of the CN Tower! With a great deal of business to deal with, this was all about \'skimming\' to see what\'s there and whet our appetites for a more permanent return.

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