And Beyond – Canada

From our forays beyond the boundaries of our province into other parts of Canada.

Note: As of Summer 2015, instead of creating albums on our blog we are speeding up the process for ourselves and simply linking to ‘Google Albums’

Google Albums (from Summer 2015 on)

Downeast – a road trip (2017)

Wakefield, Quebec (2016)

Photos of Montreal (Google Album) and Montreal, a Google Story


Click into a photo to see a larger version – you can then click through all the photos in the album in this format, particularly important when some of the photos are in portrait rather than landscape format and you are therefore not seeing the whole photo in the preview!

Older Albums

  • Canada Day Fireworks
Quebec City

Quebec City at Christmas, fulfilling the picture book images of a 'white Christmas' and so much more!


Photos from our stay in the Outouais region of Quebec, just north of Ottawa, August 2011.

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