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Blue Mountain

I must first admit to a prejudice; I never think that I am going to like purpose built resorts.

Blue Mountain Ski Resort proved a pleasant surprise – I began to ‘get’ how and why places like this work and what they have to offer.  My sense was that there will be times when I want the personal touches of an idyllic B&B but others when a well-designed playground for all ages will be very appealing and a lot of fun!

Blue Mountain Blue Mountain Blue Mountain Blue Mountain

An Englishman working in the ski shop told us that Blue Mountain is actually the third busiest ski resort in Canada, though it is not one you are likely to find in UK brochures.  It was developed by the same company as the much better known Whistler in BC.

During the summer, the ski slopes give way to mountain biking and hiking trails, though there are many other activities on offer. These range from an Aqua Park to spa treatments and free yoga classes, from Hummer Adventures to fishing.  Most weekends there is live music in the square and the shops, restaurants and bars have been attractively designed and laid out.