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  1. Interesting. I have the exact Tony Hunt Print, #119 you have on the blog. Signed by Tony Hunt. Can you provide any specific information? We love the North West. Visited Vancouver Island last summer. Would love to know if the print has value to anyone so I can explain Tony Hunt, his work and the significance of this particular print so my kids (really 50 years old now) can appreciate this rich history. I bought this print in the early 60’s in Phoenix at a art museum show.

    Thanks. Julius Marcus, mark@julius-marcus.com

    1. Hi Julius
      I can’t add much to what is on my blog I’m afraid. I bought mine on Vancouver Island around 1973. There is a reasonable amount of information about Tony Hunt around the Web.
      Good luck,

    1. Thanks Bob, it was, especially the chance to try out our snowshoes (though for the first time in 3 years or so my back has flared, so we had to keep our expeditions reasonably short).

  2. Thanks Bob! Yes, I think captioning can add an interesting dimension to ‘storytelling’ and like the way WordPress is now displaying these.