This album brings together galleries reflecting different aspects of life in Toronto, particularly in the early days of experiencing Canada with the almost ‘high-definition’ vision of newcomers. It includes a section for ‘Wild Things’, as well as seasonal selections.

Note: As of Summer 2015, instead of creating albums on our blog we are speeding up the process for ourselves and simply linking to ‘Google Albums’ and ‘Google Stories’

Google Albums and Stories (from 2015 on)

Gina and Paul – 2015 (Google Album)

Sunday Afternoon in Scarborough, November 2015 (Google Story)

Fathers’ Day in the Beaches, 2015 (Google Story)


Older Albums

Click into a photo to see a larger version – you can then click through all the photos in the album in this format, particularly important when some of the photos are in portrait rather than landscape format and you are therefore not seeing the whole photo in the preview!


Part of a charity auction purchase, Paul took to the skies on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend 2013 with a pre-flying lesson out of Brampton Flight Centre. Gina got to sit in the back seat and take photos of the fall foliage as we flew over the Hills of the Headwaters at the edge of Niagara Escarpment, just to the north west of Toronto.

Paul's Birthday 2013

A harbour cruise, a visit to the Gardiner museum, birthday shoes . . . and cake.

Winter Scenes

Our favourite winter images from our time in Canada.

Summer Scenes

Fall Scenes

Wild Things

Wildlife abounds, even in the city, much of it unfamiliar to our English eyes.

Winter in Toronto

Images from our first three Canadian winters.

First Fall

Late fall photos, November 2009

Early Days in Toronto (Fall 2009)

Photos from the first weeks after we arrived in Toronto to live.

Our House

We moved into our new home on 1 December 2009! This gallery contains pictures of house and garden both before and after we moved in and as we have made it our own.


Our first car in Canada.

Househunting Fall 2009

Houses we have looked at following our arrival in Toronto in October 2009. This includes pictures of the house we have bought, though we have since copied these into the album 'Our House'.

Houses - June 2009

Houses we viewed and areas we particularly liked during our expeditions with realtors. (The interior shots are lifted from MLS so as to avoid intrusion, although we did see round these houses.)

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