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. . . with flowers & ribbons

The Lions Easter Parade along Queen St. in the Beach is one of the biggest in North America. When you consider this is just a neighbourhood event, this seems a little strange. But Beach is truly an urban village, with an amazing sense of community.

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The Parade usually draws around 50,000 people – maybe more this year in unseasonable summer weather, with temperatures well over 70F and brilliant sunshine.  The children bring baskets (or black bags!) to collect their Easter loot – eggs and candies flow freely.  Suddenly the Halloween trick or treat tradition makes more sense as part of a wider pattern.

Home owners in the area are proud of their neighbourhood and their homes. The Christmas lights, which brightened the winter evenings long beyond the festive season, have given way to wreaths of Spring flowers or eggs. I’m told this is not necessarily Canadian, but very specific to this area.  It also seems to be a lovely way of affirming season’s change, especially in the harsher years.

Video Clip Showing Highlights of the Parade:

(There are lots more photos of the Parade in the Events album so that you can click through at your leisure!)