Eh . . .

As new arrivals in Canada, one is frequently told about the Canadian use of ‘eh’ at the end of sentences.  Although it is not as prevalent as this might suggest, it exists both literally and in spirit.

A Canadian we met in the UK just before we left suggested that ‘eh’ represents something fundamental to the way Canada approaches things. It seems to me that young Canadians are encouraged both to be well informed and to have and to express opinions and to carry these into adult life. However, they are also encouraged to understand that others may have different views and to listen to these.  I recently heard it said that Canadians are less inclined than many nations to see things in simple black and white.

To me, ‘eh’ represents the space at the end of any statement that allows for the possibility of a different view or reality, and, beyond this, the possibility of compromise.

Another reason for choosing to live in Canada, eh!

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