After the whirlwind . . .

I spent last weekend creating a front garden, doing all the planting, following a whirlwind week of landscaping by the professionals – lots of rocks!

We wanted space to sit at the front of our house, as people tend to congregate and we have a great view of the park. It also somewhat makes up for the lost dream of a classic porch that was a small sacrifice in our choice of home.

It is only when you look at the photos you realise just how much has changed . . .


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I think it should be amazing next Spring, and even more so by the Summer, when we will have planted the remaining black grass in front of the other grasses to create a contrasting border to the bright green Creeping Jenny that will fill the space around the tree (neither of which were available now, at the end of the season).

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(There are more photos in the gallery)

2 thoughts on “After the whirlwind . . .

  1. Gina, the landscaping looks great – it will be stunning next year when all the plants have established. Have just finished a big project outside and I too have planted grasses. They have been in for a couple of months and with the wet, warm weather we have been having they have doubled in size! Really enjoying reading your blog. Kate

    1. Kate, thanks for commenting and for your kind words! I’m sometimes unsure as to whether anyone is interested in reading the blog or whether it is just a form of journaling. But it does seem like a good way of enabling people to catch a glimpse of our new lives as and when they choose.

      Grasses are awesome – so beautiful when they move, for the shadows they throw, for their sound . . . I hope your project is now paying dividends of joy. Talking of which, I’m not sure if you are aware of my other blog, Passage to Joy, which you may find interesting (again, comments and interaction are very welcome!) –

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