Winter shores

We have continued to be blessed by the most amazing mild, sunny weather. The sunlight seems much more intense than in the UK – so often as I look at the Lake I think of the phrase ‘shining waters’. Perhaps this is less surprising when you realise that London is actually a lot further north at latitude 51N than Toronto at latitude 43N – the sun really is stronger.

Whenever we go walking on the shore, as we did on Sunday, I still pinch myself! It is so beautiful, so incredibly peaceful and restorative, yet here we are living in a major city.

And the expanse of sand at Woodbine Beach as it curves into Ashridge Bay is to die for . . .

pan-medium Woodbine Beach in winter, from Ashridge Bay - this is a huge expanse of sand!

image0170b-medium image0174b-medium image0172b-medium

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