Why Canada?

It occurred to me last night whilst reading about Canada’s political and social development that one of the things that attracts me to Canada is the developmental stage it has reached.

The UK is an ‘old’ society and it currently seems to have lost its way, without any real sense of shared aspiration or direction.

Canada is still young enough to be grappling with its undeniably complex issues of identity. But it does seem to have a strong sense of what it wants to be, rooted in a clear set of shared values.  It certainly doesn’t have all the answers and its ‘cultural mosaic’ makes for some interesting challenges.

This links to a conversation where I concluded that we are the kind of people who always want to climb the next mountain to see what’s on the other side rather than looking back longingly at the valley we have just left.

Right now, we are at the top of the mountain gazing over the new vistas that lie ahead . . .

One thought on “Why Canada?

  1. Hi Paul. You’re obviously enjoying the visit and the pastures new you’re hoping to discover. I find your comment above particularly interesting, having grown up in Canada and frequently heard the Canadian media being negative. Very nice to hear a fresh perspective. I’m slightly jealous too. We’ve wanted to move back, but time and time again our attempts to do so have been stymied. Never mind. We’ll be over there ourselves in just over a week, and will try to catch up with you at some point after your return, and maybe ours as well.

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