Why Canada? Lies, damn lies and statistics

Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2009 – City Rankings and Scores
  • Vancouver – 4 (107.6)
  • Toronto – 15 (105.3)
  • London – 38 (101.6)


The Economist’s World’s Most Liveable Cities – City Rankings and Scores
  • Vancouver – 1 (98)
  • Toronto – 4 (97.2)
  • Calgary – 5 (96.6)

(Ottawa and Montreal also ranked within the top 25)


UN Human Development Index 2009

Canada sits at number 4 in the UN Human Development Index of quality of life, whilst the UK languishes at 21. (Wikepedia)

Unicef’s Child Well-being Study 2007

This study ranked the UK last in a survey of 21 nations for child quality of life, its children reporting as amongst the unhappiest in the developed world. Although not at the top of the list, Canada ranked in the middle, coming 9th when looking at subjective wellbeing.

Media Reports

In September 2009, the Scotsman reported that nearly 25% of British workers (11 million) want to emigrate. Scanning the web, this reflects a steady increase over the last five years or so.

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