We now have our official Sin number!

No, Toronto is not shaping up as a modern day Soddom and Gomorrah; your Sin number is your Social Insurance Number (equivalent to National Insurance in the UK) and is required before you can get a job.

There was a tedious wait at City Hall, but the forms and process were easy and friendly.  We did have to cross a picket line, though, to get into City Hall.  There is currently a city workers strike in Toronto, with no garbage collections, cancelled summer camp and more.  A pertinent reminder that no country is perfect.

On the plus side, whilst waiting for Paul to join me from a work-related appointment, I caught the end of an excellent free jazz concert in Nathan Phillips Square, just outside City Hall (part of the Toronto Jazz Festival).  There is just so much free entertainment of all sorts on offer.

As well as our Sin numbers, we now have bank accounts and a mortgage consultant lined up to act when we are ready.

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