Paul’s Prize

A definite highlight (and proud moment) of the last week was when Paul opened the door to our UPS mailbox and found a card indicating that there was something too big to fit and to ask at the desk.

There he was, all bundled up in coat and hat, jumping up and down saying ‘It’s my prize! It’s my prize!’

Just as we left the UK he had discovered that he was one of a team awarded Tyco’s annual Impact Innovation Award. I had temporarily forgotten that the corporate trophy was on its way to him but, sure enough, the cardboard gave way to a smart black box, which gave way to glass and steel . . . and a very nice note from Tyco Electronics CEO Tom Lynch! Appreciation is always welcome.

DSCN6467 (Medium)

Paul's Prize Paul's Temporary Home Office

Paul’s Temporary Home Office

Markham Office

Paul’s Cube in Pod-land at Markham

One thought on “Paul’s Prize

  1. Well done for winning the award, shame Tyco didn’t pay me to take it to you personally, I have yet to go to Canada.

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