Networking and Getting Around Toronto

Thursday was networking day, with a variety of appointments and meetups all over Toronto. 


We found it incredibly easy to get from A to B – the North American habit of referring to locations in relation to intersections of a grid system makes it simple to navigate and the Toronto transport system, whilst not as complex as London’s, is fast and efficient.

It seems amazing to me that we spent our first full day in a new city meeting up with people unknown to us until we reached out across the web.  This ability to make connections is one of the great strengths of the current age, used well.  We have so much appreciated the generosity of these busy ‘movers and shakers’in making time to spend an hour or so over coffee to meet us and add further tendrils to the network of linkages we are forming.

In Canada such connections seem often to be instrumental in finding work. But, more than that, they begin the process of forging a sense of loose belonging, of exchanging ideas with interesting and like-minded people, that is stimulating and exciting. Taking something of a back-seat, it has been a pleasure to see Paul in his element!

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