It’s a small world – talking to BBC Wiltshire Sound

I’ve done a number of interviews for BBC Wiltshire Sound over the years on behalf of organisations I’ve been working with. And it also happens that an old friend of mine is now producing the morning show.

Which is how it came about that shortly after 8am on Monday morning I recorded an interview for them about the choice to emigrate and Christmas in Toronto.

The hardest thing was that there is so much that I could have talked about – I hope I managed to say something interesting and get across some of the delight of creating a new life. It was a useful reminder, amidst the flurry of filling, sanding, painting and cleaning, of what an amazing experience this is and how much we have seen and done, even if we’ve had a lot of practical things to get through and have hardly started really to get to know our city.

The interview will be broadcast tomorrow morning in two parts (subject to last minute scheduling changes) and I’m told it will be available on the BBC i-player at:

Update: You can reach the broadcast at:
This is the whole program, but if you use the slider at the bottom of the  player (the little grey mark on the pink line), you can find the relevant sections at the following time points: 1:45:05, 2:28:50 and 2:41:45. The program is only available online till Thursday 24 December.

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