This started out as our Canadian emigration blog!

We initially used it whilst visiting Toronto (June/July 2009), looking for jobs, exploring the property market as well as getting a feel for the city and trying to catch the odd snatch of ‘holiday’.

Then, when we  landed on Canadian soil more permanently, it formed a diary for our own reference, but also a way of keeping friends and family updated.

At about the four year mark it became more of an ongoing journal in which to record experiences and impressions, as well as a place to keep our photo albums.

Around this time, Gina also started a more conscious exploration into First Nations Culture and the issues around ‘Truth and Reconciliation’. So we added an additional blog section to reflect this, as well as supporting pages on indigenous culture.

Inevitably, as ‘life’ has taken over, the pace of our explorations has diminished somewhat. But, as we enter a new chapter in our adventure, with what is for Gina at least a return to rural living, there is so much beauty to enjoy and reflect on.

Gina & Paul, September 2016


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